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Aloha, and welcome to Crush Living!

Crush Living

I started this website because I wanted to connect people to POWERFUL HEALTH ROUTINES & RESOURCES. With the vastness of information on the internet, it can be difficult to figure out what is TRULY “healthy”.

Many health and fitness programs claim to support our health, but do they really benefit us over the long-term? Or are they just quick fixes that make us look and feel like we accomplished something… temporarily. Are they truly based on the best science and research available? Or are they based on out-dated theories and stubborn opinions?

This site aims to give you free powerful fitness routines and health practices that TRULY work and are based on the science. The ultimate goal of these routines isn’t just to look good, but rather to cutlivate incredible LIVELINESS, LONGEVITY, and LOVE in our lives! We will also share with you some powerful health resources and programs that are effective and can transform your health and life.

Why is it called Crush Living?

The simplest explanation is that I sound like “Crush the Sea Turtle” from the Disney movie Finding Nemo. Ever since that movie came out, my nickname with friends and many clients has been “Crush”. It didn’t help that I also worked at Disney World when I was younger.

At first the nickname was just a joke, but over time I began to embrace the attitude and lifestyle of the Crush character in Finding Nemo. He was happy, healthy, and had a great relaxed attitude towards everything. To me, Crush the turtle is a perfect representation of health.

When we embrace health, we FEEL AMAZING AND HEALTHY. When we fight and struggle our way to health, we often FEEL UN-AMAZING and UNHEALTHY. One of the biggest aspects of health ATTIUDE!!! Remaining calm, content, and positive instead of becoming obsessive about being healthy or beating down the body.

Obsession about health is unhealthy.

We must work to be healthier, change does not always come easy, but we can choose to have FUN and find ENJOYMENT along the way. Sometimes we do unhealthy things, and know that they are unhealthy. Instead of beating ourselves up about these unhealthy habits, love yourself. We have to keep smiling, love ourselves, and commit to making a better decision next time.

It’s a process of baby steps, and our ATTITUDE along the way is PARAMOUNT. Crush the turtle is an amazing role model for all of us. He is crushing life, but not by crushing it forcefully, but instead flowing with its up and downs, and living from a spot of GRACEFULNESS and GRATITUDE. That is the ultimate expression of health! Effortless Action 🙂

We often see health as working out endless hours, beating ourselves up, and breaking ourselves down. I adhered to this style of training for the majority of my life; however, I began to question whether it was actually healthy and whether there was another way. The more I studied the research, the more I found what I was doing was actually damaging my body and mind instead of benefitting it.

Was there another way? Could I benefit my health and longevity more and enjoy living more? The answer is YES. GROWTH happens during RECOVERY.

Health isn’t about beating ourselves up, it is about BUILDING ourselves up…

Yes, we need to work hard and challenge ourselves, but we can do this in a FUN and ENRICHING way that is ENJOYABLE. We need to honestly listen to our bodies instead of mindlessly pushing through pain just to get the check mark. We must be mindful of whether we are building our ego, or building our health. We need to ask ourselves whether we want to cultivate aggression and ego in a workout or peace and selflessness. Negativity or Positivity?

To be TRULY healthy, we must find a lifestyle and develop habits that benefit our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lives. After all, fitness applies to all aspects of life, and is not measured by the size of our biceps.

To truly CRUSH LIVING we must be physically fit, mentally fit, financially fit, emotionally fit, relationshipily fit, and spiritually fit. Our ATTITUDE relaxed, our mind at PEACE, and our movements GRACEFUL. That is how to truly CRUSH LIVING!!!

My brother brother and I have many clients and friends who have asked us to put together a portal of everything we share with them. They have found this information useful, and we hope you do as well. We aim to provide you with powerful fitness routines and connect you with research-based health resources.

We are not the experts on everything, but are dedicated to finding the top experts in every field and connecting you to them. You will never have to settle for another sub-par solution to your health challenges. Instead, we will share with you proven and scientifically-backed resources to support every facet of your life.

Our journey started…

in the foothills of Tennessee. We grew up in a beautiful family and received excellent education from an early age. Both our parents were doctors, and were great role models for us. We had healthy lifestyles growing up, but also faced our fair share of health challenges and unhealthy habits.

In the beginning of our journey, we were simply trying to look better, function better, and feel better. After searching through the “SEA OF HEALTH” information in today’s world, we found so many contradictions about how to be TRULY healthy.

Many health programs have you focus on a short-term goal (lose 20 lbs in 20 days), but neglect your long-term health. Other programs focus on a specific area of health so much that they can no longer see the overall picture. And still others, offer great information, but no practical way to apply it to life. And all of the tend to cost TONS of money. All this combined is a recipe for short-term gains, but long-term challenges… not our cup of tea!

We were interested in increasing not just our “life span”, but our “HEALTH SPAN”. What happens today should make me feel better now, tomorrow, and 50 years from now. What’s the point in living to be 120 years old if you spent the last 40 years of your life in pain.

Our focus is on cultivating healthy longevity through practical practices.

With time, we became better navigators in this “sea of health”and committed ourselves to learning from the top experts in a variety of fields. Discovering how these fields relate, and creating an integrated lifestyle from them has been transformational. This journey helped both of us overcome many health challenges we faced from childhood including allergies, asthma, acne, low energy, and much more.

A small lifestyle change can have a huge impact on your daily experience of life. However, the small “change” has to be practical, effective, and sustainable.

About 90% of health information is poor, the other 10% is powerful.

Within the “sea of health” we discovered about 90% of the resources are short-term band-aid approaches. What about the other 10%? Well, these are powerful resources from qualified experts that actually work.

The purpose of this site…

is to provide you with free fitness routines and health practices based on the SCIENCE of WHAT WORKS. We will also connect you with that top 10% of powerful health resources that do exist.

As brothers we form a dynamic team that is suitable for evaluating the efficacy of certain exercises, workouts, fitness programs, health practices, research studies, products, and services. Along the way, we will share with you powerful insights based on reliable research-based data.

My brother has a Master’s in statistics and is excellent at scrutinizing research and distinguishing between fact and fiction. On the fitness end, I was a collegiate swimmer, trained with multiple Olympians, and am now a certified personal trainer and health enthusiast.



Join us along this journey towards healthy longevity!


“Crush” aka Bryce Bertoli

Founder, Crush Living
Certified Personal Trainer (ACE)
Certified Qigong Instructor (Tai Chi Healthways)
Collegiate Swimmer (University of Hawaii)


Drew Bertoli, Ph.D.

Co-founder, Crush Living
Researcher at Dartmouth University